Isinweke is a place that captures the identity of a people, culture, ideology and philosophy. The word isinweke, can be used as a noun, adjective, and as a verb. Isinweke is the heartbeat of Imo-state and the conscience of Nigeria as a whole. Isinweke is the name one will use any corner of Nigeria to identify with proud Kinsman, clansman, or any surrounding hamlets. Isinweke is that powerful name one will use outside the boarders of Nigeria and Proud Isinwekeans will feel at home and proud to identify with.
The sole purpose of this non-profit organization is to uplift and empower any person that identify with Isinweke and connect them to outside opportunities in order to widen their horizon and open doors. It is an avenue and a medium proud isinwekeans can share Ideas, invest their knowledge and resource to help empower the not so privileged Isinwekeans. People very privileged can pay it forward by helping and contributing to the idea and agenda of the organization.
Isinwekeans can also use this medium to promote their ideas, innovations, arts and culture, patents, academic forums and blogs. It can serve as a forum to share ideas, promote business, project dreams and aspirations to the outside world. Most importantly, It is a forum where people can ask questions about pressing health issues to their own Veteran Kingsley Uzukwu, and other indigenous health care professionals who are willing and ready to address such concerns.